Fantastic pools for all premises

We are proud to provide a reliable and professional approach to our customised service.

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Fantastic pools for all premises

We are proud to provide a reliable and professional approach to our customised service.

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Having the pool of your dreams has never been easier

We provide you with exceptional pool installations as well as all the products you need to maintain it. 

Pool Installations

Our expert team can install any size pool in any kind of premises. With over 45 years of experience we are the perfect professionals for the job.


Pool Products

We offer a variety of products for your pool so that you can adorn, secure and customise your pool and poolside however you desire

Pool Maintenance Supplies

We will provide you with top notch supplies to maintain your pool as well as all the advice you need moving forward. From filters to cleaning tools, everything you need.

A holistic service

We have made sure to provide you with a holistic service as we do not stop just at the installation but we will help you maintain your pool in the best way possible. 

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Why choose us


With over 45 years of specialist knowledge you will find that our professional approach is unlike any other.


We can offer you our expert advice whether you need portable pools or in-ground, and any shape and size that you desire.


We will advise you on the perfect ways to take care of your pool and to secure it while also stocking the items that you need.


We use state-of-the-art filtration systems and chlorine-free water sanitation equipment and ensure a water and energy saving solution.

Securing & embellishing your pool

Whether the pool is commercial or domestic you will need the appropriate products that go with it or the right equipment needed to build the pool that you have always wanted. Products such as pumps, hot tubs, infrared saunas and steam rooms equipment, LED pool lighting and halogen lighting. Also, poolside accessories such as ladders and handrails, showers, jets, heaters, life rings, pool covers and rollers, slides and more.

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Taking care of your pool

When there is any type of water involved, whether you have a sauna, a pool of any size, a hot tub or anything else, you need to be able to take care of them so it doesn’t get dirty and so it is secure for you to be in it. As part of our holistic service we provide our clients with a choice of supplies to clean your pool such as tools and cleaning chemicals, pumps, filters and LED pool lights. We make it easy for you to find everything under one roof, both the installations, the products that go with your pool and anything else to keep it safe and secure at all times.

Cleaning Supplies
Your Wellness

Everyone deserves to be pampered, we work hard enough to afford some time for ourselves once we arrive home. How incredible would it be to be able to relax and have your own wellness centre in your own home? Or even if you would like the installation to be in your place of business. We can provide you with the choice and installations of a variety of spas, saunas and steam rooms, we also stock all the items you need for regular maintenance of such installations.